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When it comes to setting up your Google My Business (GMB) page, there are several important factors to consider. One important factor, if not the most important, is to create quality content for your page. Original content and proper keyword distribution within the description you write can make a tremendous impact on how your page is listed and found within Google.

In this post, we highlight some of the most important tips and tricks to help you create quality content for your page and optimize your GMB page to attract new customers.


How to Create Quality Content for Your GMB Page

1. Fill out every section of your profile.

When it comes to finalizing your GMB page, it’s important to fill out as many fields as possible. The more complete and accurate your Google My Business listing is, the higher it will rank in Google Search and Maps. In fact, complete and accurate Google My Business listings get 7x more clicks than those missing information and are 70% more likely to attract location visits.

Pro Tip: Set aside at least 4-5 hours to make sure every element of your page is complete — from the basic description to the latest updates and images you post.

2. Leverage query data in the GMB dashboard to discover keywords.

Incorporating industry keywords within your GMB description is an incredibly valuable way to rank for important terms in your industry. But how do you know which keywords to include? Last year, Google My Business created a tool to answer that question and share the most relevant and popular keywords and keyword phrases that are being used when people search for your business. Using these keywords in your description influences how your page ranks when being searched for by potential customers.

Pro Tip: Don’t overstuff your business description with fancy keywords. It just needs to be comprehensible and clearly express what your business does and what you have to offer.

3. Maximize the power of effective imagery.

Once you’ve filled out the basic information in your listing, you can move on to the visual aspect of your Google My Business page. The photos you add are essential. Businesses with photos on their listings are seen as 2x more reputable and receive 35% more clicks. We recommend including several specific pictures as you set up your page including photos of the exterior of your business, images of your products/services, and photos of your team to give people an idea of what they can expect to experience when working with your business.

Pro Tip: Encourage your customers to add photos of their interactions with your business to your page as well. This can help fill out your profile and create tons of user-generated content on your listing.

4. Use posts to provide continual updates.

Google opened its post feature to all businesses in 2017. This feature allows you to share content about your business in a variety of ways. You can post anything from blog articles and eBook downloads to current events and special promotions. Post whatever you want buyers to know about you, your products, and your services.

Pro Tip: Speak directly to your audience. Don’t use industry jargon, but rather focus on sharing content that will move your audience to engage with the post.

5. In everything you do, create a cohesive and engaging experience.

You should be using your ongoing GMB posts to encourage specific actions. Make sure your links lead to specific pages that match your post and meet the expectations of your customers. There’s nothing worse than getting routed to a page that has nothing to do with the post.

Pro Tip: Consider having a strategy in place and drafting an editorial calendar that’s designated for your Google Post content. That way, you can better integrate posts into your marketing plan and examine their impact on your business.

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Optimizing your Google My Business page is very important to improve your online visibility. Our hope is that these five tips can put you ahead of your competitors and help you rank high on Google search and maps. If you’d like to learn how The SEO Silo can help you put this advice to use and experience some quick wins in your SEO efforts, contact our team today.

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