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Google My Business pages are one of the most valuable digital marketing tactics for today’s local businesses. But, they’re not something you can simply set and forget. Maximizing your Google My Business page requires that you constantly add new content, encourage customers to write reviews, and utilize features, such as Q&As. 

Google Questions and Answers, also called Google Q&A, is a Google My Business feature that allows users to ask and answer questions directly within a company’s knowledge panel. These questions can be answered by your business or the general public. As you might expect, this feature opens up quite a few possibilities (and challenges) for your company’s online presence. 

That’s why we wanted to take a few minutes to highlight how to utilize Google My Business page Q&As as a way to attract new customers to your website. 


Google My Business Page Q&As Can’t Be Ignored


We love that Google offers Q&As as a way for businesses to engage customers. Because Google is the primary tool customers use when searching for your business, it’s helpful that they’re starting to allow businesses to control a bit of the experience and make it as easy as possible for today’s consumers to find answers to their most common questions. 

Actively and intentionally responding to questions is essential for any business that wants to maintain brand consistency online. Because Google allows anyone to ask and answer questions about your business, there’s a chance the answers provided may be wrong.

This is why you can’t afford to ignore the questions and answers that are written on your Google My Business page. 


How to Utilize Google My Business Page Q&As


Here are a few specific ways our team at The SEO Silo encourages clients to utilize Google My Business and regularly maintain the questions and answers that are shown on their pages:

1. Proactively ask and answer frequently asked questions.

One way to get ahead of the questions is to proactively ask and answer the ones that are most common from customers. If you think of a question a potential customer might have about your brand, it’s helpful to go ahead and answer it. This will prevent people from answering questions incorrectly on your behalf and cut down on the clutter.

2. Be sure to answer all the questions that are asked. 

Google will prioritize responses from your business. Therefore, it’s important to answer all the Google Questions that are asked. Even if a consumer answers a question correctly, you should still respond to confirm the answer is correct. This will ensure that consumers and people who will be searching in the future are always getting the right information.

3. Make sure your answers are simple, straightforward, and helpful.

The best thing you can do when answering questions is to be helpful. Don’t try to be too salesy in your responses or provide answers that sound like they’re coming from a marketing bot. Consumers are seeking immediate answers. Providing answers that aren’t helpful or trying to send them to your website when it’s not necessary only detracts from the customer experience.

4. Learn how to troubleshoot inappropriate answers.

If you find people are misusing or being abusive in the Q&A section of your Google My Business listing, you can flag their answers as inappropriate. Flagging answers will bring it to Google’s attention in hopes of being removed. You can check out Google’s guidelines to confirm whether an answer violates Google’s policies and can be removed. 

Interested in Google’s more recent GMB features and how they apply to your business? Our team at The SEO Silo can help you take your Google My Business page to the next level. Learn more about our local SEO services or contact us today to learn how we can help you maximize your website for search. 

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